I have often wanted to remember dates of important events and some how try to link my life around it. I am happy with the same year because its rare to coincide with a date. So for example, I want to say that I was born the year when the Vietnam war ended, or I came to London the year Gordon Brown became PM or more interestingly Lewis Hamilton started to drive in F1.  The idea being that I want to think that my life has been more interesting than it really is and in some ways i am connected with those events. It doesn’t really pan out that way and what usually happens is my life gets linked to the famous date. So I will say that I was in class 11th when Freddie Mercury died. Yes Freddie is my favourite singer and his death left me sad, and my being in class 11th is my attempt to make my life look very interesting.

Yesterday on one inane report on BBC world service, the reporter was interviewing mothers who had a child yesterday and some really zonked out moms insisted on calling their child as freedom child ! My thoughts , you guessed it correctly, turned towards how do I attach myself to January 20, 2009. I couldn’t find a answer and then finally told myself that 2009 has just started and I am bound to find something. The next question was do I really want to attach myself to this date and try to remember it. Do I want to say 4 (8?)years down the line, yeah I was at work when Obama was being sworn and  I watched the program at work on 5 different channels in 3 different languages, of which I don’t understand 2.  Unfortunately, I remember Bush jr swearing ceremony for all the wrong reasons, because I was upset at how Gore could lose. And so I remember 2001 for two reasons Bush and 9/11 and i am still undecided on which one was worse.

But this time I really really want to remember January 20, 2009 for all the right reasons.

On a separate note, I am watching with great anticipation on which foreign head of state will be the first to visit DC pay obeisance to the new leader.  I thought it would be Gordon Brown , but that may not happen , it may be France or Germany , or even Czechoslovakia which has EU presidency. Or could it be Russia to bless the new land route to Kabul. And where Obama go on his first foriegn trip ? My bet is to the G20 summit in London where he gets to meet the G20 leaders at one place.