I have often wondered about what is spirituality? What does it mean to be spiritual? How spiritual I am and how spiritual do I really want to be? Everytime I have asked myself these questions I have got different answers. So much so that I had stopped asking myself these questions thinking that the true answer will reveal itself to me one day.

Last night we had a friend over and among other things the talk turned to religion, spirituality, spirits and modern day saints who have powers to do extraordinary things. After the evening was over I was left with a bad aftertaste in my mouth, like I had been tempted to have this beautiful looking dessert but upon eating it I discovered that it was tasteless. The problem, I think, stems from the fact that when I don’t get suitable answers to my questions I either go around looking at how other people are dealing with their own spiritual self, or other people decide to trumpet their spirituality to me. I don’t do anything to stop them because I hope that in their talk I might discover a key to my own questions.

Last night it was the latter case. As I lay awake in the night I tried to move my focus from the last night discussion to my questions. I came to the conclusion that spirituality to me is the driving force behind finding my balance in life. So the manifestation of my spirituality is the balance in my life or rather the effort to find that balance. Similarly, when I look to find spirituality in other people I look for its manifestation in their day to day life. It is one thing wearing it around your neck like a jewel and completely another thing making it a part of your life. Everyday I look for these manifestations in the people around me. When I find it, it renews my faith in the world. When I don’t I retreat into my shell and pretend that I can’t relate with anyone around me.