As a child one of my favourite past times has been to stare into the night sky. What I liked the most in the night sky , apart from the moon, was the fact that I could make up as many constellations as I went along. I could include and exclude stars from my constellations. As a kid I had even invented names which I can’t remember now ! So as I stared into the night sky I was wondering where are my constellations in my real world ? Where is my ability to include the dots/stars/news stories and come up with my unique conclusions? Why if someone asked me about some incident I will repeat back what I read or heard somewhere. Why do my constellations disappear when I need them the most, or rather where do I disappear when they need me the most. There are so many of them constellations just waiting to be formed.

I am intrigued by this recent decision of Russia to grant the US a supply route to Afghanistan . This has been coming for a couple of years now, but why now? Why so immediately after the SCO of which the US is not even a member, so soon after Musharraf’s trip to Moscow who was then followed by Kayani. This is the first time Russia is getting openly involved in the affairs in Afghanistan since its own pull out in 1989. S0 20 years later the good guys and the bad guys are getting together again to fight the Taliban who were initially part of the good guys but are now the bad guys. There is still a lot of opium coming out of Afghaistan, the government writ still doesn’t run outside of Kabul and the Taliban still freely move across Af-Pak. To say that I am confused, is an understatement.

Then there was the BRIC summit last month and I am still not sure what to make of it. This has probably the first grouping of its kind which has come together because a certain Goldman Sachs analyst thought up these disparate countries as one group. Fine so it makes some sense in a weird sort of a way to group them. But then like those school puzzles I think there is not one but two odd men out. First is Brazil which is so out of all the action. It is in a relatively peaceful neighbourhood, with no jehadis to worry about and far far away from all the action (and gas) in Asia. There is Russia which now increasingly reminds me of an ageing footballer who makes up for the lack of speed and stamina with some cunning tricks. So Brazil wants a piece of the action, Russia wants to be seen with the cool kids¬† but exactly what were the heads of India and China doing there ? They both have big countries to run and atleast in China’s case, if not India, BRIC needs China more than it needs BRIC. China can at a flick of a little finger command most heads of Africa in audience and India on the little flick of its big finger can command Nepal,SL and Bhutan too ! Bangladesh would also come but then she will not have a country to go back to.¬† But then this is only the first meeting of BRIC and I watch with anticipation if BRIC becomes a BIC or a BISC (with SA in it). I will be very surprised if Russia remains in BRIC after 2011 after India gets its Admiral Gorshkov.

The British are in a bad mood these days. The humor is getting sharper by the day. First they have been told up by MPs , post expenses scandal, from developing countries to apply their good governance advice to themselves. Then there is the recently concluded EU-Pak summit in which the EU was represented by the Czech president, who held the presidency of EU at that time. Imagine a former colonial power being left out in a summit with its colony. Another example of how most decisions concerning the UK are being taken in Brussels ( I swear I read about it somewhere but I can’t find it now!). So a diminishing foreign influence, some decisions being taken in Brussels, public debt of monstrous proportions, anglo-saxon model in disarray and on to top it all the great British hope had to go and lose in the Wimbledon semi finals. The Olympics glory seems like a long time ago.