I have been measuring myself. Its not my height, its not my weight and its certainly not my hairline ! I have been measuring how often does something come into my head that I want to blog about. In the past week or so, something new has come into my head every 2-3 days. This new thought/idea has a life of its own.When it comes its all powerful and almost seems life changing and it forces me to blog. I sometimes do and then it goes away. But when I don’t blog, usually because of lack of time, this idea sits and festers in my head. It takes different forms and shapes. Then finally it goes and merges with the other ideas that came into my head and  I never wrote about them. So when,like today, I try to write I somehow have to make sense of this mishmash of ideas. That usually involves separating each idea out.

But today I feel taking this entire mishmash and dumping into my blog. I feel today is the day when I will find the invisible strand link that connects Obama, Japan, India, Hillary in Asia, African aid, my new house and my lack of free time, all together. By the time I am done I will have clarity on why exactly Hillary went to Asia first her choice of stop overs,  why will the Japanese PM be the first foreign leader to meet Obama, why I am confused about African aid, how I think my books add color to my new house and my number one rant that I don’t have enough time to do the things I want to. Or I could let this mismash remain as one and write about something else.

I don’t really do movie reviews. Actually I can’t do movie reviews as they are done.  It is hard for me to just talk about a movie and not talk about issues around the movie. So if the movie is say about an event, how can I not talk about the event. I have wanted to write about Slumdog Millionnaire (SM) when I first saw it. I really liked the movie and I am really glad to see that the Oscar judges agree with me. But that’s not my point. My point is why are they so few movies about our slums. Its not like they dont exist, its not like we don’t know that they don’t exist. Yet we never seem to talk about them in India until there is a big fire or a big demolition drive when the politician suddenly decide that they have become eyesores and want to send them somewhere else. Where that someone else is no one knows. To me Slumdog demonstrates again that it is possible to make a hugely entertaining movie around a real social issue. It is so entertaining that one is tempted to disregard the real issue as something made up the director. My response, everytime someone talks to me about the movie is that it is real and very believable. This is more to remind myself than anything else. It is to remind myself of the smell of a slum, that I first smelt I as a 16 year old when I first went to a slum. It is to remind myself of the filth, of the squalor, of people jostling over every available inch of space. It is also to remind myself that how the houses inside are spotlessly clean, of the people and how their ambitions and dreams are so similar to mine, of how with very little we can really do a lot.

I now stand reminded and will never forget again. Thank you Slumdog.