Of the many bells and whistles in a modern music player my favourite has and continues to be the Shuffe feature. As I have grown older I have included diverse music styles into my playlist and it always gives me a high to play it all on shuffle. So for example today morning, I was playing the ipod on shuffle and it started with opera in its full emotion, next it was Arabic music conjuring images of a belly dancer swaying her belly to the tempo, next it was an Indian classical song remixed into a fusion beat and that was followed by a classic rock favourite of mine.

My mind spins as I write about it . But when I was listening to the music, it didnt seem as intimidating as it now seems to me when I read what I have written. At that time it seemed very natural, afterall I love all these different music styles and I was the one who went through the effort of putting it all into one place.  But the effort of listening to all it together and appreciating it all sometimes leaves me breathless. And when I catch my breath I seem to want more and it now it is like an addiction when listening to one genre continously seems very boring.

This fits with in the general pattern of my mind which revels in change and that I try to stich in different experiences, incidents, people to find a pattern. So like in the morning on my train ride to work, I close my eyes and all sorts of different thoughts run through my head. It could be some conversation I had last week, followed by a wish of mine that I hope will come true some day to something I look forward in the day. One thought leads to the other and it is all very effortless and smooth, certainly more smooth than writing it about it. Again as I write about it it leaves me breathless.

But then that is my mind on a shuffle mode. I sit in meetings and my mind wanders off on a tangent on to something else. It gets a bit embarassing because I have to ask the other person to repeat himself or try to fake it if I can. I have tried to control this but to no effect. I try to justify it to myself saying that this is like my mind’s safety valve to prevent me from completely losing it.

Another thing that I like about Shuffle is that after all the songs have been played once, the player starts to play all the tracks again in a different order. That to me is almost like reliving the same life but in a completely different order.