Last night I saw Charlie Wilson’s war. I have seen it before and every time I see it I am amazed at how easy is it for a few smart people with a lot of money to start a war sitting thousands of miles away. Once the war is over the smart people move on to the next challenge. Almost like moving onto the next level on a gaming console. I went to bed thinking it is so easy that it is unfair. I woke up in the morning to Hillary Clinton calling Pakistan a global threat and it was almost like a continuation of the movie. Its the same area, the same problem, except this time over the good guys have become the bad guys. But I wonder what is she really trying to achieve by this. Is it to get the attention of Pakistan leadership, is it to put on the world agenda, or is it something else. This almost feels like the beginning of the buildup to Iraq where the talk was then of how many nukes rather than if they have any.Also this statement to me is different than the earlier ones which focussed on the northern areas and on the border with Pakistan. The statement called on the Pakistani people to speak out “forcefully” against their government’s policy. I am not sure what this means really.

Most developed countries are seized of this threat of Pakistan. The UK has almost developed an annual ritual to catch some Pakistani nationals and deport them back, but even they don’t call Pakistan a ‘global threat’.  But some other people have a slightly different take on things. So what does Hillary know that no one else knows ? And more importantly, what does she plan to do about it. Is this setting the ground for another military takeover by the Pakistan army ? Will the army be forced to finally look away from its eastern frontier and face Taliban ? I suspect that the  answers to these questions are coming very soon.