I studied Economics for my bachelor degree. It was actually by accident how I got into Economics.  But it wasn’t like I had a burning desire to do something else, so when Economics presented itself I was like why not. On hindsight I am glad I studied it, I loved every bit of it and it opened my mind to the world like nothing else. Among other things, I loved reading about people’s behaviour patterns and the fact that if you know enough about it then it is ridiculously easy to influence them. Since then I have understood Economics to offer insights into issues which I thought were far away from it. But I digress.

For some time I have been thinking about the fact that booms and recession in an economic cycle are dependent on people buying goods and services. If people continue to buy more and more (in value and/or quantity) of goods and services then the economy stays healthy and grows and if people start to spend less or stop altogether that is a sure sign of a recession or an imminent one. As much as I want to I can’t disassociate with the logic of the idea. It makes sense to me and also defines to me the sort of world I live in.

Yet inside me I don’t like this at all. I don’t like the fact that we live in a world where ‘prosperity’ and ‘growth’ are dependent on people going out and spending money and more and more of it. And so we spend money, companies make more profits and they inturn pay their employees more money who then in turn buy more and that completes the circle.  When the circle breaks there is general discontent and misery all around as it is these days.I don’t have an alternative solution to offer, but I wonder if after so many centuries of civilisation is this the best model that we could come up with. A model that is based on human greed, to want more and more, is sustaining the world. A model that puts buying as the most noblest of all deeds.

I am part of this and yet I feel I don’t have a choice. Its either this or nothing. Surely this is no freedom of choice.