The past couple of weeks have been full of stories of misery. It makes me wonder that if the cyclone won’t get you, then the earthquake will and if that doesn’t get to you then a bomb blast will. The first two are easily blamed on a combination of nature, global warming etc, but who do you blame on the last one. Some chap who happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time is a good target. But I digress.

Jostling with these stories are news about sub prime mortgages, price rises and global recession. Its difficult for me to focus on these issues while hundred of thousands of people die in a matter of minutes. How soon before these stories go off and sit in a corner of a website or a newspaper. How soon before this is glossed out of public memory and we move on to the burning issue that house prices have fallen by 1% !

But then it doesn’t really matter. So whats your poison ?