There is a lot going on and,as always, I am struggling to make sense of it.  I am struggling to get away from the event to point of it all. I am almost afraid to write about it because I don’t quite know what I am going to write about. Its almost like I am listening to this concert orchestra and all I want to do is listen to the violinist in the 3rd row. To me she holds the key to the symphony , if only I can shut out the rest and manage to focus on her. I feel more disturbed than usual and I can’t seem to be able to look at a glass half full.

I can’t seem to watch/read/listen to anything without being depressed about something. I read a book on Economics and it talks about how the minority are able to successfully lobby for something which is against the interests of a majority. It goes through because the minority want it more than the majority. I thought that this is exactly the problem that democracy was supposed to solve. What is the point of having an election when lobbyists are going have a sway over decision making. If that wasn’t enough there is this subtle difference between bigotry and rational discrimination. If done properly the rational one can actually improve the bottomline. Especially so if the majority discriminate against the minority.

So I sit down to watch some cricket. Good old IPL with some ‘Citi moments of success’ and ‘DLF sixes’ ! For once I am not enjoying the commentary at all and I am not sure where is cricket trying to be with this. Its like the entire game has been compressed into a little test tube.  I really long for a good test match which won’t get over in 4 hours with a zillion ads in the middle and where a boundary is just a boundary and not a Citi moment of success. Maybe I am now spoilt with the BBC’s coverage of F1 with no ads, maybe I am getting old, maybe I am missing the point of it all. Maybe.

I try to keep up with news on the Indian elections. Again I try to shift the chaff from the real issues. I try to read between the lines and I try to understand what do these politicians really stand for, sometimes I give up. But then I tell myself that I can’t give up when people in rural areas are registering high voter turnouts. What are they registering that I am not. What can they see that I can’t. Why this faith in the undeserving politicians of the country. I see people like Malika and Shashi Tharoor stand for elections and I can’t understand why. They are not standing for power and money , so what is it for them. That’s when the cynic in me gives up.

I pop out for lunch today and the Tamils are in full force in front of the high commission with their bells and whistles. They break some windows and call for a ceasefire. I can’t help but question the timing. I almost wanted to stop and reason with the cheer leaders. To me this is an act of desperation if there was one.  This along with my last post on Pakistan and an interesting situation in Nepal . I blogged late last year on how I think South asia will go through significant changes,  but four months into the year and the contours are not clear to me at all.

I wonder what is the capacity of the world to manufacture and handle global events. So America manufactured the Iraq and the Afghan war and is now straddled with them. On top of it there are the crisis in Africa (Sudan, Somalia etc), the global economic crisis, a fast developing pandemic not to mention that the UN millennium goals (remember them ? ) are not going to be met by a far way. As the developed countries try to look after their own economies and citizens who looks after the world’s poor. If their local war won’t get to them then the trade barriers will. The case has been to reduce to trade barriers to let less developed countries export to the rich countries but even an Obama can’t sell that to his countrymen, much easier to give money to car makers.

Nothing seems to get resolved these days. It  just get pushed down the high table only to re-emerge bigger and dirtier.


As I grow older I am able to understand better my likes and dislikes. I feel I am able to put my finger on them and put them down in words. There is something that I understood about myself over the weekend. I realised that I like new things, it sits well with my yearning for change, although that is not always about something new. I like new things, new innovations, new ways of doing the same old thing or even new packaging.

I am writing about this because I was wondering why do I like the IPL so much. On the face of it, IPL goes against my grain. It is quick and dirty, there is no depth (finer points) to the game, too many distractions, too one sided to the batsman and as I start to sink my teeth into the game it is over. It is like an ad commercial or a music video masquerading as a full blown movie. Yet, inspite of all this, I have been hooked to it even before it began.

I was happy the fact that players were being paid big money. Why not ? If their counterparts in football and tennis can get it then why not cricketers. I told myself that the cricketing world would be completely different pre and post tournament. Everyone would have either had a lot of fun, or made a lot of money or both and would have tasted blood. The ones who were out of it, would be desperately trying to either get in or create their own versions. Yes, I think now that the tournament is over, cricketing world has changed forever. The fact that its quiet in the media is because everyone is catching their breath after this whirlwind of a tournament. A lot of people would have been waiting on the sidelines, watching how this comes about before throwing their hat in.

Yes there are people who don’t like this for quite valid reasons. But then, in the scheme of things this is not such a bad thing. Cricket was (is) losing to football the world over, except in the subcontinent, and people have no time to watch a full day game, forget about a 5 day game, it really needed to revive itself and fit itself into the free time that is available for its audience. I think this is a step forward for cricket, to make itself attractive to new audiences. Yes there are still things to improve IPL, but those will happen in their own time.

I was supporting Delhi, my home team, which somehow managed to get itself into the semi finals and lose horribly there. I suspect this one will be a long love affair which will have more pain than joy..