I had a dream last night. In my dream I woke up in the morning and started reading the day’s newspapers. I thought the news was a little strange and yet it was something that I wanted to read about. It took me some more of reading to figure out that the newspapers were full of news from Africa. It was as if the entire news team was now based out of  Africa. I don’t remember the content of the news but I woke up with a big smile on my face. My dream helped me put into words something I have always wanted to say. There is so little news about Africa in the newspapers and even if there is any it is dark and depressing of the primitive kind. In my opinion, there are 2 kinds of  depressing news – the one of the developed kind where it takes the form of the unemployment rate going up from 7% to 8%  and people arguing about each other’s bonuses. The other is of the primitive kind which takes the form of genocide, famine, war and disease and fair trade coffee. Since I forgotten the newsy details of my dream I have decided to make it up in the hope that I will one day wake up to it.

The first page will have the news of Morgan Tsvangirai’s accident , and then there will be further news on who could have done it. There will be further articles on his wife and the details of their lives together, family etc. They could possibly do interviews with his family also. Also I am curious to know about their dog or if they are maybe wanting to adopt one. The other lead story on the paper could  be about the African Union’s sanctions on Mauritiana. Another lead story could possibly be the International criminal court against Omar Al-Bashir , his reaction to this and what does the man on the street think.

The arts and entertainment section will be full of the Fespaco film festival, which are also sometimes known as the African oscars. The event this year celebrates its 40th anniversary and was held in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Burkina Faso is known to most Western audiences as a really poor country even by African standards. The festival is an interesting mix of Anglophone and Francophone filmmakers. Maybe the other bits of the entertainment section will be about who walked the red carpet, who wore what and who is seeing who.  The music sub section will focus on the latest African music releases and the upcoming African music awards. The books section would focus on books written on african by foreign authors and books written by african authors.

The finance and economy section will focus on some of the common currencies that already exists in Africa like the Western African Franc or the Central African Franc. There will be a debate in the paper on how these common currencies have worked. Is there any sense under the current economic times to extend these to other counties in the region. The other bit of the section could be an article from Dambisa Moyo who has just written a book on why aid doesn’t work in Africa and the idea is to wean the nations of the cheap aid and force them to take charge of their economic destiny. The paper could also analyse China’s investment in Africa and what are the lessons to be learnt for other countries looking to invest in Africa. (For eg- India).

The sports section will contain what else but african football. The talented footballers who make their mark in clubs all over the world and so many who are not able to shine or are misguided by agents.

The more I write this, the more it depresses me that there is so much news on Africa that I never get to read or hear. Is it any wonder that Africa is the way it is.