Having spent many nights binge watching House of Cards and then further sleepless nights thinking about the various twists and turns in the plot, it is hard not to start this post talking about it. An absolutely brilliant drama and I hope that it revives the art of good political drama. But I have somehow got stuck in the middle of Season 3 as real life took over and somehow that was even more dramatic than House of Cards. So much happened in my life and around me and so quickly that if I saw that on TV I would think that the scriptwriter has lost touch with reality.

Can it compare to Brexit and post-Brexit shenanigans that continue to play out every day? I used to say that British politics is boring and now it is at the other spectrum where no one quite knows what the economy will look like in 5 years from now. That for a developed country with a grounding in steady incremental change is astonishing. No one knows or has little control in shaping the future and all this in the name of getting control back in the country. Yes control will be back in the medium term , but in the short term no one will have any control. What will this gorgeous salad bowl of different cultures ,London, look like post-Brexit ? Has it really gone out of touch with the rest of the country ?

Can it compare to Trump winning the presidential election and starting the most interesting few weeks for a keen observer of US politics ? I was no fan of Hillary. She is the perfect representative of the ‘establishment’ and so easy to bring down. You could almost see campaign managers queuing up in the opposition camp. The fact that Trump got elected after uttering all the insults known to man, is as much of indication of the baseness of Trump character as it is of the incompetence of Hillary and her campaign. Her campaign reminded me of John Kerry’s campaign against George Bush Jr. Can the Democrat party not nominate a Bernie Sanders ? Is he really a ‘socialist’? He is very much left of centre by European standards. Obama’s actions on the Russians for ‘interfering in the democratic process’ are I am sure based on solid evidence. Of course, the American intelligence agencies know all about interfering in the democratic process, having done their fair share of interfering over the years.

Can it compare to me losing my mother, father in law and becoming a father all in one month ? There is enough script in my personal life of the last month to fuel a saas-bahu serial for 10 years. (Ok 5 years!) My mother loved me unconditionally and put up with me for all my failings and even managed to teach me to be positive to balance my natural cynicism. It is hard to conceive a future without her. One day when I can reconcile her going, I want to write about her. My father in law reminded me of a Hindu reformer in the 19th century, like them he developed his own balance between tradition and modernity and like them he excelled in whichever way he chose to lean. He was one of a kind.

I became a father this year and that has helped me to put into perspective all the craziness around me. He is a bundle of joy and he is helping me re-build my own house of cards that so furiously dismantled over November.

Happy 2017.